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Date Like a Man: What Men Know About Dating and are Afraid You'll Find Out  Do you get depressed every time a date turns out to be a dud? Are you constantly checking out your dates or marriage potential? Do you tell yourself you'll never, ever find the man of your dreams? If so, chances are you're taking dating way too seriously. According to "America's Dating Coach," Myreah Moore, when it comes to dating, men are the masters. And she will tell you how to stop dating like a woman (just to find a husband) and start dating like a man (so you can start having some fun!). Forget about waiting by the phone or playing by the "Rules." Myreah has developed a personal training program for improving any woman's romantic prospects and increasing her chances of finding her soul mate. Date Like A Man will reveal what men already know about dating but are afraid you'll find out.  Succeeding in dating is about being open to new experiences and allowing yourself to fail as many times as it takes before you succeed.  By following Myreah's advice, you'll learn: how to train yourself mentally before you start to date, how to use reverse psychology on your dates and steer the wheel of romantic fortune in your direction, how to go from scared and lonely to finding your one-and-only, how to narrow your search by separating your "wants" from your nonnegotiable "needs", how to be persistent and maintain a positive attitude and finally, how to ask for--and get--what you want from a man. By following Myreah's dating training program, you will feel better about yourself and the men you date. You will see yourself as more attractive, and you will meet and date more men than you've ever dreamed possible!

How to Have Your Way With Men by Anthony F. Badalamenti  How To Have Your Way With Men shows women how to connect with the men they want.  Dr. Anthony Badalamenti puts his work in psychiatric research, psychoanalysis and the singles lifestyle industry into a gem of a book for women who want more from their love life. This title gives women the best of his 4 other books and more than 50 published papers. More than 20 years of research and individual work with singles and couples stand behind this remarkable book. The insight and how-to material in this book are not found anywhere else. His findings are new insights into the ways that create female success. This book tells a great deal on those important things about men that they choose to hide from women's eyes. It teaches women how to make their unseen effects on men work for them. There is new material here on the things that men are really looking for and why they prize them so highly. How To Have Your Way With Men is a large addition to what is already known about the psychology of men. Each chapter finishes with exercises to bring the material to the reader's thoughts and feelings. The exercises awaken the ways that men hope to find in women. This book is rich in fresh material on both genders. It goes to work on the reader in a way that feels easy and natural. Its chapter by chapter rehearsals of the winning ways return the reader to life ready to have her way.

How to Succeed with Men by David Copeland, Ron Louis  The insider's guide to getting a man and keeping him.  Forget The Rules. At last, there's a guide to what men really want from a relationship written by the reigning experts on the subject: men! Gender studies specialists Ron Louis and David Copeland deliver the targeted, no-nonsense advice any single or divorced woman needs to find a good man. While publicizing their first team effort, How to Succeed with Women, Ron and David received many requests from the female audiences wanting to know when a book for them would be forthcoming.  Packed with lively and revealing true-life examples, HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MEN moves from the first sparks, through courtships and break ups, to marriage. Along the way, women will discover: *the truth about men, sex, and dating *where the desirable men are...and how to meet them *the essentials of effective flirting *how to move from "just friends" to lovers *surefire strategies for romancing a man's soul...and seducing his body *how to avoid the pitfalls...and dump the duds *definitive criteria for judging whether a relationship has staying power. Instead of simply teaching tricks to hook a man, Louis and Copeland give women valuable insights into what truly makes the opposite sex tick...and reveal precisely how to connect with the right man

How to Flirt Outrageously: A Step-by-Step Guide to Bewitching a Man by Vera G. Lee   A witty and instructive manual revealing hundreds of how-to's for mastering the fine art of flirting. The book describes all aspects of flirting, including techniques of eye contact, body language, psychological interplay and wordplay. Whimsical art deco drawings illustrate an elegantly presented text. The author wrote this book for women who like men and who wish to attract them without losing their integrity and self-esteem. But though geared primarily to women, it contains questionnaire input from over a hundred men. And it may well interest the curious male - who should should at least read it in self-defense!  

Red Flags - How to Know When You're Dating a Loser! Is he a Leech? Or Mr. Ego? Or The Burdened Beast? Learn the twenty-five different loser types of men and how to send them out of your life!   Sure he's gorgeous, funny, and charming--but early in any doomed relationship there are warning signals foretelling the bad news to come. Studies show that most women will try to justify these signs, excusing them so they don't interfere with their fantasy of having met the perfect man. How to detect and respond to a Red Flag before it's too late. This first-of-its-kind book will help readers determine a man's all-important "loser potential" within the first three dates. Each chapter includes a profile of a different loser, a post-date quiz to help you determine if Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong, and important information about the best way to break up with him. Red Flags has all the fun of a magazine quiz combined with the expertise of psychologists who specialize in the techniques used by the police to profile criminals. They know how to spot the rejects--and now you will, too!

The Boyfriend Test : How to Evaluate His Potential Before You Lose Your Heart
by Wendy L. Walsh  This is not a Rules-like strategy for snaring a man, but an upbeat effort to keep women in the driver's seat by establishing a list of acceptable male behaviors. A "Boyfriend" must prove himself on several counts: including how he "meets and greets," his telephone skills and how he behaves on the first date. Walsh prompts another evaluation after five dates. Most of the "boyfriend" criteria are based on common sense, such as his ability to respect a woman's boundaries. Sounding like a savvy big sister, Walsh knows that sometimes one's heart or hormones may overtake judgment; she's at the ready with lighthearted, pragmatic help. Exercises and quizzes--such as the "Create your own perfect man" exercise, and several questions that determine one's relationship readiness--make the book fun and promotable. Walsh smartly says that a relationship shouldn't end until "all the lessons have been learned on both sides of the union." 




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